Thursday, 16 April 2009


“all there is…is this”

[Tony Parsons]

So, what I’m most interested in, what I’m really really interested in,

what I’m passionate about

is this.

Life happening, right now!

You are life happening right now.

Stop reading now

(you can wait until you’ve finished reading the next paragraph).

Look around you. Breathe!

Feel what it feels like to be in your body (whether you like the sensations or not).

Feel their life, feel their texture.

Hear the sounds, especially the quiet ones.

See the colours and shapes – enjoy them, revel in them!

Smell the smells. Reach out and touch something and luxuriate in the experience.

Life is happening full on right now.

This is your life, happening right now.

This is it!

(Not the next "maybe better" moment, but this one!)

“Bit by bit I came back to my own body

…back to this moment,

this constant unfolding miracle of life.

My search ends when I stop looking and remember –

Now is the dance, is love, is pain;

And beauty;

And there is nothing.”

[Fanny Behrens]

What I am interested in is the mystery and the wonder of this.

It cannot be put into words.

Poetry perhaps gets closest:

“I want to write while crossing the fields that are fresh with daisies

and everlasting and the ordinary grass.

I want to make poems while thinking of the bread of heaven

And the cup of astonishment;

Let them be songs where nothing is neglected…”

[Mary Oliver]

So foolishly, whether in poetry or prose I want to try writing touching on this.

Not writing about it, analysing it, dissecting it.

But writing from it - in it...

invoking the fragrance this,

rolling around in this,

celebrating this!


Lots of reasons. Obviously.

But mainly for love.



  1. lovely stuff there!

    Here are some of my words on it:

    *The Seven Valleys*
    after Baha'ullah

    these territories are for the strong
    for the foolish
    for the
    lovers unafraid
    of longing
    of the transcendence of longing

    in these
    dark and hidden lands
    the few walk with torches
    and sometimes
    even I, who have been seeking for lifetimes
    mistake the torch
    for the sun itself

    at that which can not be seen
    the voice
    behind the voice
    the face of no face
    hidden behind your face
    the world hidden
    within this one we live in

    the edges
    are a dangerous place
    beset with mysteries
    and illusions
    and traps
    that hinder growth
    like contentment
    obscures the quest
    and the quest obscures
    the eternal moment

    there is nothing to seek for
    when Your grace is everywhere

    nothing to seek for
    but a glimpse
    of the unseeable
    a taste
    of the unknowable
    a whisper
    of the ineffible

    and even these
    will leave us mad
    to see
    to taste
    to hear

    if there is anything
    that threatens my sanity
    it is a Love to large to hold
    a vastness incomprehensible,
    fully comprehending
    a word ineffable
    that shapes
    the very contour of my tongue and lips

    all falls short
    so I surrender to this madness
    dance for Krishna with Mirabai
    cry for Shamz with Rumi
    seek the Bridegroom with St. John of the Cross
    succumb to the agony of love with Beloved Teresa

    I look
    behind your face
    falling into
    the light
    that shines through everything.

  2. Thank you!

    lovely, lovely, deep, lovely words!