Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sound and silence

Sitting this evening in satsang with Pamela, sinking in, some words came...and then some more words came... and then after and in the silence some more words came.

I felt to share them with you.



There is sound and silence together

We are form and formless together

How different am I from the silence?
Where does one end and the other begin?


All problems are imaginary.


The protective mechanisms don't work.
We try to shut out what's happening (which is life).
We imagine we can.
We can't.
It's already the case.
It's already too late!


You are already free
Everything else is just a misunderstanding


Manifestations of separation (often experienced as discomfort)
come to us to see their true nature.

When they see it they can rest.


It's about what's true just now.

If all there is is resistance
then that's what's true
- "ahhh resistance is happening!"

And as that is made peace with...
then all there is there is whatever was being resisted...

And as that is made peace with...
there's nothing
(and everything).


There's just what's happening.
Which just is.
And then (within what's happening) there is an idea - in mind/body
that it shouldn't be this way
Which is really the idea of separation.

"it shouldn't be this way" is the ultimate lie.


The roles (I am: a man, my name, my job)
are associated with contraction
making us a subset of everything that is.

They are imaginary.

The contraction is palpable.


All we want to know (if we are not at rest) is:
Is everything ok?

When we are at rest - there is no question.
There is just love and wonder.


A flower never wrote a symphony and never will.
Is it any less beautiful?


A flower is a symphony.