Sunday, 5 April 2009

Starting a blog

I suppose many blogs start with a post a bit like this one - a blog post about starting a blog.

Frankly, I've never seen the point in blogging. I guess that I've supposed that I had better things to do than publish my thoughts to the world, or had imagined that the world had better things to do than to read them.

In the last little while though I've had a very few things that I've wanted to be able to share with the world in general, and which were longer than the 140 characters that I'm allowed on Twitter.

The catalyst today, the day on which I've started this blog is that I'd like to share a poem with you dear reader.

I say "dear reader" in the expectation that someone or several someones will stop by to say hello and read these words, at a time when (perforce) no one yet even knows about the existence of this page.

But as you read this, that is, already no longer true. You may well be the first, or one of the first, or perhaps a later welcome visitor browsing the archives to see where it all started (assuming that it will have continued).

I have no idea how often I will post here, but its nice to have a public "wall" on which I can offer anything that I'd like to offer.

I hope that the things that I post here will connect with you, amuse you and touch you in some way.

Welcome to me and welcome to you.



  1. As someone who "knows" you only through Twitter, I'm glad to have an opportunity to read your thoughts in greater depth than Twitter's format allows. I'm intrigued by your bio ("Dancer, storyteller..." etc.) and curious to know more. Tell us some stories...

  2. Thank you Hg.

    The essence of my job (the one "they" pay me for at the moment) is the telling of stories, albeit that many of the stories are told to jaded people of a certain age known as "judges". (To be fair, not all of them are jaded and most of them are doing their best to be fair). Everyone likes a good story (judges included) - it seems to be part of human nature. I hope in future to take my storytelling out this mundane environment and into more mythical and playful realms. I feel that this is on the point of happening, but has not yet happened...As usual it is almost certainly fear and habit that hold me back. But they are gradually getting burnt away to reveal...who knows what!

  3. That sounds pretty mythical to me :-)