Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What the mind really wants

Sitting in a satsang this evening with Pamela Wilson I found myself writing this and I felt to share...


The minds deepest wish is to relax open.

Repetitive circular thinking is the minds attempt to self soothe.

It is mainly trying to soothe itself from the agitation from the terrified places in the body,

Which doesn't work...

In fact, it's about as effective as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titantic

But it's the mind's best shot.

The mind has simply mis-understood its function and the range of its capabilities.

The agitation in the body can only be soothed by the heart.

The agitation can rest in the heart.

The mind can rest in the heart.

Then the mind can return to its job of creative thinking...

And for the remainder of the the time when it isn't required to think creatively,

To relax open and hang out in openness.

The mind is scared that if it relaxes open it won't be able to protect the terrified places, and all will be lost.

But in fact it never could.

This is just a simple innocent mis-understanding of the mind.

There aren't many big misunderstandings the mind has...but their effects can be significant, frustrating and painful.

No need for that any more.


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