Thursday, 29 March 2018

Looking after the vulnerable and young parts...

Over the past 5 years I've had a series of increasingly touching set of meetings with the vulnerable "young" parts of my being, which psychologists or psychotherapists tend to call "the Inner Child".

My understanding of this framing is that the parts of us that get emotional (and especially scared) never really grow up and forever function as if they are a small child.  That's certainly how it feels to me when I meet these parts of me.

This "child" doesn't really engage via rational reasoning - it's too young for that.  The main language it speaks is feelings and the main things it needs are being listened to with love and reassurance that it is OK and loved just as it is, and that in the midst of the fear it is feeling, all is in fact well.

This is essentially the way we would relate with a young pre-verbal child - love, warmth, attention and hugs.  And it makes the most beautiful difference.

I had some very touching realisations about this following a recent retreat and two poems arose.

Here they are:

Running and Resting

I have spent 
the whole of my life
until now
running on empty

driven by the distress
of a child inside me
desperate to be held
and stroked 

and told “It’s ok, I’m here”
and told “you’re ok exactly as you are...
...I love you
just like this.

No need to move a muscle
No need to change a thing
You are safe
You are so very very loved
Just like this.”

Rest now honey.
No need to run
Ever again. 

I’m with you. 

We can rest

With love, gratitude and gentle resting. 



My little one
Is my first priority.

He had had some 
Pretty scary experiences
Coming into the world 
So he’s often not sure
If he can trust

If left without reassurance 
He spends most of his time
On amber or red alert. 
With alarm bells ringing. 
Which is really understandable. 
In the circumstances. 

When doesn’t get the reassurance,
That he needs 
To feel safe enough,
he feels desperate.
And desperate measures are called for...
Something, anything will do
To switch off the alarm
Or distract from the pain.

Life for both of us,
He and me,
Becomes a scrabble 
For safety -
Doing deals
Trying to manipulate or control the world 
Trying to get reassurance “you’re ok”. 
Yet it is never enough. 

When I remember that he
Is only a part of me
When I remember myself
As the vast open space
When I fall in love with silence...

I can hold him 
so very gently
with no agenda 
other to be with him
and everything else 
that appears in me
exactly as they are. 

And everything can feel held
In love. 

And can feel safe enough to
Come out to play
And dance
With no motive 
Other than to be life 
Meeting life. 

Like waves waving 
And meeting
On a vast ocean. 

The ocean doesn’t mind
 a few choppy waves 
The ocean doesn’t mind being a huge tsunami 
The ocean doesn’t mind being as flat as a millpond. 

This is how god loves us. 

This is who we are. 


With love, tenderness, wonder and vast vast space 


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  1. Daniel from one inner child to another - your words are so beautiful and poignant - thank you for sharing your story. This is a wonderful journey you are on rescuing your little Daniel and the most rewarding journey ever, I am so proud of you - "hold, hear and heal each other" my friend. Love and Hugs as always xxxx Ray.